Benefits of Miniature Swine Models

Our ExeGen® Yucatan miniature pig models offer a much more accurate and effective testing platform for new treatments than traditional mouse models.

Advantages of Miniature Swine Over Traditional Models:

  • Human-like disease phenotypes on accelerated timelines

  • Human-like size useful for device and imaging work

  • Anatomically similar to humans (eg, similar structure of cardiovascular systems)

  • Improved translational value to human clinical trials

Challenges of Medical Product Development

The process to develop successful treatments faces significant obstacles including:

  • More than 80% of new medications fail at the human clinical trials stage, contributing to huge investment expenses, typically greater than $1 billion per drug

  • For rare disease states, limited patient populations makes predictive efficacy much more difficult

Miniature swine models aim to address and improve the outcomes in these challenges, enabling significant cost savings in develppment and the ability to bring medications to market faster.