Exemplar Genetics Provides Services to Families Affected by Cancer

Exemplar Genetics participates in an annual company service trip. This trip focuses on families affected by the diseases Exemplar is attempting to help cure.

On June 17, 2014, Exemplar employees from Sioux Center, Iowa City, and Flandreau teamed up in Des Moines to serve people affected by cancer. There were three different families and two individuals to whom Exemplar was able to provide services at various work sites throughout the day.

One particular family Exemplar served was a couple who needed extra help around the yard. The woman’s husband had prostate cancer that had started in 2009, but then went into remission, and it has recently returned over the past couple years, spreading to his bones. This family had beautiful property that received much damage from the recent storms, leaving debris in the yard. A group of Exemplar employees painted a shed and did yard work that included cleaning up fallen branches and helping with a garden. The family was extremely touched by the work of the Exemplar employees and their ability to selflessly help all afternoon at their home.

Another family who was helped on June 17 was a family affected by lung cancer. This family was extremely grateful for the assistance provided by Exemplar employees to clean out their garage and organize all of their belongings for an upcoming rummage sale. They were very encouraged by the team of Exemplar employees who spent quality time getting to know one another while serving their family during their time of need.

The third family was recently faced with the death of their only son who had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This family needed support because their son had just passed after a short fight with this disease. Exemplar employees helped clean and take care of their yard. The highlight of the afternoon was fixing a lawnmower, which was a top priority on the woman’s list. The family appreciated the comfort the Exemplar employees offered during this difficult time.

One of the women the team helped had been struggling with breast cancer that had recently turned into colon cancer. She needed the inside of her home cleaned. Exemplar employees were happy to talk with her about her life and family while serving her in a way in which she was unable to, due to a lack of energy from the effects of the cancer. This woman was appreciative as she could now live in her home without having to worry about the constant effort of trying to get everything cleaned and in order.

Another woman affected by cancer was not able to be home, but Exemplar Genetics arranged a way to still serve her and her family. The Exemplar team went straight to work on her yard, accomplishing every task on the woman’s requested list. The team was able to clean up dead bushes, rake, prune, and wash out the gutters. The woman called Exemplar later in the week, thanking them for all of their hard work and time. She expressed her abundant gratitude to the team for their willingness to serve her family.

Through these families’ stories and amazing hearts, Exemplar Genetics was able to see firsthand the people who are affected daily by devastating diseases. It gave new meaning and purpose to the mission of Exemplar Genetics,that of touching lives of families across the world who are struggling with disease and sickness. President of Exemplar Genetics, John Swart, said, “We meant to bless these families who are struggling with the challenges of cancer, but in the process, they blessed us. A day like this renews our passion to enable discovery through the work that we do, so that better treatments can be developed.”