Lonestar Swine

Miniature swine for the biomedical market
The Yucatan MiniSwine is the accepted standard and ideal model for the biomedical and medical device fields. Exemplar Genetics maintains a herd of specifically selected Yucatan MiniSwine available for delivery. Our exceptional herd, which is the genetic foundation for future top-flight stock, is cared for in a state-of-the-art, biosecure facility.

Cloned Pigs
Through the use of somatic cell nuclear transfer, Exemplar Genetics is the only company that can provide genetically identical animals for research in human diseases. This approach should decrease experimental variability and have a wide range of applications ultimately enabling discovery. Contact us to discuss applications and availability.

Custom Nutritional Conditions and Induced-Disease Models
So-called “life-style diseases” make up a significant percentage of debilitating diseases and can be effectively studied in swine. Exemplar Genetics can provide swine fed a specific diet to assist in inducing a disease state or provide other desired nutritional modifications.