Custom Model Development

Disease Model Characterization

Exemplar Genetics can assist customers in the characterization of the given-disease phenotype of pig models. Basic molecular, biochemical, and physiological assays are available on a fee-for-service basis. Experienced technical assistance and facilities are available to help customers perform procedures and experiments.

Disease Model Development

Exemplar Genetics is able to custom design models of genetic human disease through the use of its gene modification technology and model production system. There are currently two models available for cystic fibrosis research with several other models under development. Specific models can be created to help advance your research project.

Custom Model Development

16-30 months from initiation

20 piglets with the desired genetic modification for characterization

Development Fees/Licensing, Dependent on:
Model design
Funding mechanism
Licensing terms

Milestones* (Simple Knock Out):

  1. 1. Project initiation: design and planning
  2. 2. Vector construction and virus production
  3. 3. Targeting and screening of cell lines
  4. 4. Somatic cell nuclear transfer
  5. 5. Gestation and neonatal care
  6. 6. Project finalization: delivery of 20 pigs

* Payment contingent on successful completion of milestone

Gene Targeting Process