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Enabling Discovery Using Gene-edited Minipigs

Exemplar Genetics is improving preclinical outcomes with our proprietary minipig models and services. For more than 16 years, Exemplar has been a world leader in developing gene-edited minipig models of human disease and providing preclinical services.

How can Exemplar enable your discovery?

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Our Platform Advantages

Benefits of Minipig Models

Our gene-edited minipig models offer a more representative testing platform for new treatments than traditional rodent models.

Advantages of Minipig Models Over Traditional Models:

  • Physiologically, genetically, and anatomically more similar to humans
  • Ideal for use with human clinical imaging and diagnostic equipment
  • Improved translational value and better efficacy
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Gene-edited Minipigs and Preclinical Services

Standard Models

Off-the-shelf solutions with 20 currently available models.

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Custom Models

Gene-edited minipig models designed to your specifications.

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Characterization Services

Broad range of characterization capabilities for minipig model needs.

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House your minipig projects in our biosecure, AAALAC-accredited facilities.

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Preclinical Services

Accelerate your path to the clinic with an array of in-house preclinical service offerings.

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We are committed to the humane use and care of each research animal.Our first priority is animal welfare, and we have rigorous standards to ensure that we meet or exceed all requirements for care though a robust program of care and established veterinary protocols. Each one of our facilities is PHS assured, FDA compliant and USDA approved. Exemplar is also fully accredited by AAALAC International. We believe our work will enable discovery of life saving drugs, devices and therapies and every employee of Exemplar Genetics believes each animal deserves the greatest respect and care – and that is exactly what we deliver every day.

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